Foreman is ADOPTED!

Are you looking for a sweetie snuggle bear? Foreman the Safe Humane Court Case Dog is your guy! This 7-year old pit bull was found by the Chicago Police on the West Side, emaciated and living in a closet with a female dog who was also rescued.

Foreman has BBs all over his body-someone shot this sweet dog many times with a BB gun. He has scars on his face and neck.

Foreman’s teeth are in rough shape. They are ground down to little nubs.

Foreman is also vision-impaired. He takes tumbles down stairs and runs into things and trips on curbs. This special boy needs someone who will give him some training to help navigate his world with his partial blindness. Foreman loves treats and takes them very gently so he will be an easy guy to train!

Despite the abuse and neglect he has endured for probably his entire life, Foreman is unbelievably friendly and affectionate. He loves lap sitting and he leans in for pets and gives really sweet kisses!

Foreman would probably be okay with the right dog-he did well meeting a female his size, and a tiny chihuahua.

Please share Foreman so that he can get the loving home he has deserved for so long. He needs to live out his golden years knowing he will never be abused or neglected again.

Professional pictures by Kirstin LaRoche.

All K9 4 KEEPS dogs are up to date on all vaccinations and are spayed/neutered, heartworm tested and microchipped by the time an adoption is finalized. (Puppies may not have their entire set of shots.)